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Giselle Vintage Collection

Flirty Lady Lashes

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3D mink lashes provide a lot more consistent and softer look than regular classic lashes. By using our 3D mink lashes, it will be easy and quick to achieve that fabulous and soft look for our ladies. 




After each use take a q tip with water and go along the lash band to loosen the glue. Do not use any oil based makeup removers, they will destroy your lashes. Then gently peel the lashes from your eyelid. Soak lashes in alcohol solution for about 2-3 minutes. This will help dissolve the glue as well as clean any mascara and will disinfect your lashes. After soaking, gently dry your lashes by blotting with a tissue and start peeling off left over glue with your fingers only. Glue that we recommend is by “My Beauty Box Adhesive” and can be found in the special edition Lash’d box. Store your lashes in the container provided to ensure they keep their shape.