Client Reviews

I’ve been going to AC for 6 years now she has and she always impress me with her talent and her genuine heart , my make up and my spirit is flawless every time I get out of that chair. She always make me feel comfortable and achieve any look I desire. I never worry about what I’ll look like in the end because she is that gifted and passionate about her craft that I know I’ll come out looking like the best version of me. The most important skill that she has that I love is her amazing talent and creativity,  I trust her to do whatever she feels. By the time she’s done you feel and look absolutely gorgeous! She is truly a gem and there is no other MUA I would rather have than her she’s stuck with me 

 — client Michelle Smothers 



I came to New Orleans for a bridal shower and wedding weekend, and panicked because I decided I needed my own dedicated makeup artist at the last minute. Friday morning (day of the shower), Adrienne was recommended to me. Given the late notice, I immediately called her. I was primarily looking for a wedding makeover for Saturday (the next day). She agreed to come to the bridal suite before the wedding to do my makeup. Then, I pushed it and asked her if she could also do me for the shower later that day. With about a four-hour lead time, Adrienne agreed to accommodate me, but asked me to come to her studio (reasonable, given the fact that this was a same-day request). I have never been made up professionally. I only wear a little mascara and lipstick for weddings (about every five years or so). I was a complete novice, and as such, was very apprehensive about what this upcoming experience. My skin is very dry and also tends to itch as I have eczema encircling my eyes and patches on my forehead as well. Adrienne asked me to send her a selfie in natural light so that she could “check my tones” (her words). When I got to her booth later that afternoon, she asked me what I was looking for, listened to my concerns about adequate moisture, and we went over tints and shades to make sure I would be happy with the colors she used on me. She actually listened to me before beginning. Adrienne transformed me. Before and after pictures exist, and I am still marveling at them. She is a true artist, and created a masterpiece with my face as her palette. Because the shower was a daytime event, she gave me a more subtle look. When I showed up at the shower, people were amazed at her work. I looked and felt sincerely beautiful. The next day, Adrienne showed up at the bridal suite for the wedding. There were other makeup artists there as well, but Adrienne worked exclusively on my face. Wedding start was 7pm, so Adrienne gave me deeper shades, etc., all the while checking with me to make sure I was comfortable with what was happening. When she finished, I looked amazing, stronger tones and eyelashes and all. There were eight bridesmaids. Six got makeovers, and to a one, EVERYONE, including the BRIDE, said that Adrienne did a MUCH BETTER JOB with me than the person who worked on them. I explained how Adrienne communicated so effectively during the makeover and they were so envious. Days after, every single bridesmaid was still talking about Adrienne and wishing she had done for them what she did for me. Adrienne is thoroughly professional. She shows up on time and expects the same from her clients. She is extremely responsive, listens closely, takes your preferences into account, makes sure to put you at ease, and literally will transform you into someone you would want to look like FOREVER. She is just that good and better. My friends are still talking about 1) how she made me so beautiful and 2) lamenting that they didn’t get to work with her. I highly recommend her for any make-up project. I am SO confident that you will love her work. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

— client CHPA


Back in 2014 I was recommended to AC. Everything about her service was amazing! My very first makeup session with AC was for my Bridal Shower, so you ladies know my makeup had to be PERFECT! Well guess what? It was better than Perfect!! I received so many compliments, and even still I look at my pictures from 4 almost 5 years ago and am still in love with my makeup. Over the years, and still AC has continued to make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world! 

She’s no average MUA; every makeup session has been uniquely designed for every event that I’ve experienced. Time after time AC exceeded my expectations overall. 

AC is definitely the true definition of a BOSS! Not only is she a talented MUA making women feel confident on the daily. She also makes sure she leaves her stamp by being the owner of Giselle, giving back, encouraging other women, promoting others, supporting others, conducting classes and list goes on. 

AC you are a beautiful person inside and out (Fly ass Fashionista) all while wearing many hats. Keep doing what you do, and I will FOREVER support everything you do!!

— client Tearie P.


AC is an artist that enhances my beauty.  She’s very professional and ALWAYS punctual.  She pays attention to my skin and always apply the best products that perfect for my skin type.  My makeup is always flawless and never overdone and that’s why I’m a repeat client and has been for years now.

— client Kionna White



TRUST. For almost 10 years  I have trusted Adrienne to make me beautiful, flawless and stunning every time she glams my face. I trust her makeup knowledge, skills, talent and style when I have attended galas/balls, taken my annual family holidays pictures, my 40th birthday party  and most importantly my bridal makeup. I trust I will never be disappointed with her amazing work. I trust that when I sit in Adrienne’s chair  and she shows me my glammed to perfection face that I will easily be trusting her as my MUA forever!  

— client Michelle Burks-Augustine